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The Enfield Soccer Club's tradition of excellence and dedication to the development of its players is best demonstrated by the Connecticut Cup Championships its teams have won. The Connecticut Cup is a statewide single elimination tournament held for Competitive teams.

Year Season Age Group Team
1990 FALL U10 GIRLS Enfield Tornadoes
1991 SPRING U10 GIRLS Enfield Tornadoes
1995 SPRING U11 BOYS  
1998 SPRING U15 BOYS Enfield Cyclones
1999 SPRING U12 BOYS Enfield Express
2000 FALL U12 GIRLS Enfield Clash
2002 SPRING U13 BOYS Enfield Celtics
2002 SPRING U19 BOYS Enfield United
2002 FALL U14 BOYS Enfield Celtics
2004 SPRING U12 GIRLS Enfield Thunder
2004 FALL U12 GIRLS Enfield Revolution
2004 FALL U13 GIRLS Enfield Thunder
2005 FALL U13 BOYS Enfield United
2005 SPRING U13 GIRLS Enfield Thunder
2006 SPRING U14 GIRLS Enfield Thunder
2007 FALL U13 BOYS Enfield Rapids
2010 SPRING U14 BOYS Enfield Wolves
2011 FALL U12 GIRLS Enfield Extreme
2014 SPRING U15 GIRLS Enfield Eclipse