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Welcome to the ESC Volunteer Page!

Enfield Soccer is a volunteer run organization.  We are always looking for help with the many duties we have. Our greatest need for volunteers is coaching. If you have a child who plays, please consider being a coach. It's easier than you might think. We will provide some basic tools and training to help you start off with and there are always ongoing classes and training within our district for further learning.

Check the ESC Documents page under "ESC Position Descriptions" for an explanation of each volunteer positions duties.

Volunteers Needed in the Below Positions:

Division Managers

Duties/responsibilities:  Attending regular monthly meetings, composing of teams from registration information from an excel sheet, organizing practice schedules, ensure teams have coaches, ensure teams have equipment and nets for games via the equipment manager & also basic administrative responsibilities. We would like to have someone who has a child who plays in the division who will be in the division for a year or two. Someone who has a vested interest in making sure the season goes well for the players. If you don't have a player in that division & would still like to volunteer we would gladly welcome you. 

Coaches for Lil Kix U-4

If you have a player in U-4 please consider volunteering as a coach. We have the lesson plans all done for you and will provide a brief clinic for you prior to the start of the season.

If you are interested in volunteering for any positions in our recreational league, please contact Marc Veilleux, Vice President ESC Recreational Soccer: 

If you are interested in volunteering for any positions in our competitive league, please contact Bill Foote, Vice President ESC Competitive Soccer: bill.foote@enfieldsoccer.org.
Youth Mentors 2014

We are seeking youth mentors to participate in recreation league practices for the U-6, U-8 mixed and U-8 girls divisions.  This program is open to kids age 11 and older.  By participating in just four one-hour practices over the course of the  season you can make a big impact!  Volunteer and choose the weekday that works best for your schedule!

Mentor Requirements:

Mentors will be required to participate in a minimum of four soccer practices over the course of the season. You will be asked to support the coaches to run drills/games and share your soccer experiences. At the coach’s discretion, you may also be requested to suggest drills/games that would be age/skill level appropriate for the team. If approved, the mentor will be notified by the MY ESC program and then contacted by the coach to co-ordinate the specific dates the mentor(s) will participate.

Please complete the attached application .   E-mail Jim DiLauro,  your completed application or if you have any questions.


All volunteers will be recognized with a certificate of accomplishment, a team plaque, and a Mentor T-shirt.  This is a great way to build your resume, stay involved in the Enfield Soccer Club, and most importantly encourage long-term participation in youth soccer!

Copy the following address to your browser for an application: